Who burns for the perfection of paper by martin espada

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Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper - Poem by Martín Espada

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Politically Incorrect Villain

Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper by Martin Espada I believe that the theme of this poem that I linked is that hard work can take you places. Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper, by Martín Espada - Poem of Poetry A Poem a Day for American High Schools, Hosted by Billy Collins, U.S.

Martín Espada 101

Poet Laureate, (Poetry and Literature, Library of Congress). Mar 14,  · Martin Espada reads his poem "Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper." Part of the Poetry Everywhere project airing on public television. S 5 10 15 20 Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper by Martín Espada.

At sixteen, I worked after high school hours at a printing plant that manufactured legal pads.

“Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper” by Martin Espada

Dec 12,  · As we continue our tour you will notice on the right is Martin Espada’s poem “Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper.” In this poem, Espada tells a story of someone who developed a good work ethic in high school, working after school until 9 PM manufacturing legal pads.

No gloves: fingertips required for the perfection of paper, smoothing the exact rectangle. Sluggish by 9 PM, the hands would slide along suddenly sharp paper, and gather slits thinner than the crevices of the skin, hidden.

The glue would sting, hands oozing till both palms burned at the punch clock.

Who burns for the perfection of paper by martin espada
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